Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose AdvancedHMI?

A: AdvancedHMI provides a lot of advantages over proprientary hardware based HMIs such as Panelview or Red Lion.

- Hardware is non-proprietary. Don't let a failed or obsolete HMI panel keep your machine down. AdvancedHMI runs on common Windows Pcs and not locked into any brand. It will even run on a laptop. Our Panel PCs are optimized for AdvancedHMI application, but the software is not restricted to them. We allow you to choose what works best for you.

- Free software. Don't buy an HMI and get caught up in unexpected costs of software.

- Complete flexibility. The software is based on Microsoft's .NET platform which allows you unlimited capabilities and expansion.

- Largest developer base. Even the most popular HMI packages do not come close to the number of available .NET developers. This also applies to support. For every support forum of competitor's software, there are at least 10 forums to support .NET Application software.

Q: Do I need to know Visual Basic to use AdvancedHMI?

A: No. The basic features require no coding. However if you want to do more advanced things such as database interaction, then it will require some VB code.

Q: Can a project be deployed on a stand alone touch screen PC?

A: Yes. After you finish the project, you can perform a build, then copy the files from the bin directory and run them on any PC with the .NET 4.0 framework installed (Windows 7 or higher). We recommend copying the complete solution to a USB drive and running the application from the drive. This allows easier maintenance and updates. We are now selling panel mount touch screen PCs that have been extensively tested and are pre-configured with optimum settings for running AdvancedHMI.

Q: How is AdvancedHMI licensed?

A: In summary, the freely available version can be used and distributed without fees. The project is under GPL which means projects you develop and distribute to end users must make source code available to them. The graphics are copyrighted and can only be used in AdvancedHMI projects. The DLLs can be distributed with projects, but can not be separated to be used in applications other than AdvancedHMI.

We do not allow the use of the base components to be used in any other software packages, however if you are interested in the controls, we develop custom versions to be used in your own software packages. Eventually we will also license the communication drivers to be used outside of AdvancedHMI. You may contact us for information.

Q: Does AdvancedHMI require any other software for communication

A: If using the native communication drivers, AdvancedHMI is fully self contained and requires no other supporting software. If a native driver isn't available for your device, then you can use the OPC Client, which then requires a separate OPC Server. See the next question for more information on available drivers.

Q: What devices can AdvancedHMI communicate with?

A: Since new communication drivers are continuously added to the software, we have a dedicated page with that updated information.
Communication Drivers