We offer many services associated to AdvancedHMI and general application development. Contact our sales team for more information. Below is just a few of our capabilities.

Contact us for more information.


  • Learn to use AdvancedHMI
    Learn how to use much more in depth such as deployment of projects and the various properties of the components.
  • See how coding can make it the most powerful HMI available
    With some .NET coding, the capabilties become limitless. The coding is not a crippled scripting language, but a full application development environment. Learn how existing components can be extended or modified to be exactly what you need. See many features that you can only learn in our training classes.
  • Create Your Own Components
    If a component you need is not there, we can teach you the methods of creating and expanding AdvancedHMI to suit your needs.

Training Costs

Currently we only offer onsite training for $600 per day plus travel expenses. We ask the group size to be 6 or less people.

Those receiving training will receive user manuals and a special set of components that are not included with the public distribution. Because of the various skill levels of Visual Basic and .NET we will customize a training course to fit your needs.

Note: We can accept payment from most major credit cards.


  • Our development team is ready to give you the components you need
    Whether it's a special driver, custom control, or just the graphics, we will help you with the controls you need
  • Lacking the staff to create an HMI?
    Let us create a complete turn key HMI for you. Perfect for the small job or even the large volume OEM.
  • Tired of expensive run time fees
    All of the software we develop for you is yours to own without any runtime fees associated. An OEM can cut their costs drastically by having us develop their HMI, then install it on an unlimited number of machines without additional fees.

General .NET development

  • Our development team is very versed with all aspects of .NET development.
    Not only do we develop for AdvancedHMI, we also do general .NET code development. Anything from code snippets, to custom controls, to complete database applications. Email our sales team and see if we can assist with making your projects a success.