AdvancedHMI is a continuously expanding software package. New drivers and controls will constantly be added. Keep up with the latest additions here.

Top Stories

  • A documentation Wiki has been started
  • Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. A powerful free version of VS (1-AUG-15)
    Download Visual Studio 2015 Community
  • Omron Drivers Now Included (12-NOV-14)
    Three new drivers have been added that allow communications with most Omron PLCs. These include serial Host Link, FINS over serial, and FINS over Ethernet.
  • ModbusRTU is now considered stable (9-SEP-14)
    Thanks to feedback from several users, the bugs have been worked out and the ModbusRTU driver is consider stable. This opens up communication capabilities to many PLCs and devices, including the much requested AutomationDirect line of PLCs
  • New Release with ModbusRTU (1-AUG-14)
    After a very long wait, a new release has been posted with a new driver. The ModbusRTU driver was developed a while back but was not released because it was not tested. The decision was made to proceed with releasing the driver and continue it's development based on user feedback. We appreciate any feedback on this driver and will try our best to get fixes out quickly
  • Major Release Coming Soon (9-JUN-13)
    Soon the next series will be available which will be starting with Version 3.50.  Unfortunately upgading an existing project to this new release may require major changes to an existing project. The current release (3.41) will no longer be updated.
  • Dedicated Forum Added
    A new forum has been created for AdvancedHMI
  • User Manuals Soon Available
    Due to high demand, we will be making the user manuals available for purchase. The expected date of availability is Feruary 7, 2013
  • The First Expansion Pack
  • Expansion Pack Listing
  • Tutorials for Visual Basic Beginners

  • Visual Basic for Absolute Beginners