Communication Drivers

Communication Capabilities

AdvancedHMI drivers are the heart of the application. Currently drivers are included for Allen Bradley SLC and Micrologix platforms over both RS232 and Ethernet/IP. A Beckhoff TwinCAT driver is also included.

Additional drivers will be constantly added for support of more platforms.

Allen Bradley

  • RS232 / DF1
    Although this driver works over RS232, it is capable of communicating over DH485 and DH+ as well. Several devices have been testing including Equustek/DataLink DL3500, AB KF3, and SLC 5/04 with pass-thru bit set.
  • Ethernet/IP for SLC/MicroLogix
    This driver communicates with a SLC 5/05, ML1200, and ML14000 as well as any of the controllers compatible with a ENI module.
  • Ethernet/IP for ControlLogix/CompactLogix


  • As of Version 3.27 TwinCAT Driver is once again included
    Due to an unpublished interface and licensing conflict, the TwinCAT driver is limited to only beingĀ  able to be used on a PC without TwinCAT installed. It cannot communicate to TwinCAT if it is installed on the same PC.


  • Modbus
    This driver implements the popular Modbus/TCP protocol


  • Modbus
    This driver implements the popular Modbus/RTU protocol. It can be used with a multitude of devices over RS232 and RS485


  • Host Link Serial
    Omron driver for older models such as C200 series
  • FINS over Serial
  • Omron driver for newer models such as CP1H with RS232 module
  • FINS over Ethenet
  • Omron driver for newer models such as CP1H with Ethernet module


  • OPC Client
    This driver is used to interface to drivers complying with the OPC DA standard