Stand-alone ControlLogix/CompactLogix Communication Driver

NOTE: This product is currently offered at a discounted price with limited availability. Although the software is complete, it is considered a pre-release that does not come with complete application samples and only has partial documentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This driver is a separate product from AdvancedHMI. AdvancedHMI includes a ControlLogix driver, but that driver cannot be used outside of AdvancedHMI and must be open source. This stand-alone driver offers the option of including in your own software and distribution as closed source.

PLC Communication driver licensed for use in proprietary and/or closed source applications. This driver and license will allow the purchaser to create .NET applications for exchanging data with ControlLogix/CompactLogix PLCs. This driver is based on the same proven driver that is part of the AdvancedHMI software and uses the same interface.

Bench marked as the fastest driver on the market. The easiest to use requiring the least amount of code writing.

Requirements: .NET 4.0 framework

The purchase of this license includes all minor updates and one version upgrade.

Example code:

Dim MyValue as string=EthernetIPforClxCom1.Read("MyTag")


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